Funky Chicken is the pen name of a Chinese-American who writes with full honesty and wit about her adventures living in Shanghai. She’s the Clark Kent undercover observer of the real China you never knew. Only, her superhero ability is to slip undetected into a sea of a billion people to capture the Communist China of today — full of Ferraris, smart phones, and ads for plastic surgery — all the while managing to avoid getting arrested. Her day job is being the Chief Strategy Officer for China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan at one of the largest global companies in the world. When not hiding in a corporate suit, she writes a clever, humorous China blog loved by a worldwide audience. She is a charming (almost) TED speaker, astute observer, and definite random adventure collector. Unlike many other authors, she lives with her zero children in an unquiet non-suburb and owns no dogs. She will gladly do consulting projects and speaker events for a small fee, and will do so in a chicken suit for a larger one.

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